Solutions for Legal Teams

Control, standardize, and automate any business process across a variety of legal functions. From inception to design, implementation, and reporting, the TAP platform gives you ultimate control and transparency. Efficiencies drive cost savings across functions such as contract management, approval processes, matter management, NDA processes, SOX reporting and others.

Build from scratch or start with a template.

ico-Automate-Use-CaseAutomate Any Use Case

Intuitive design tools allow your analysts to build any workflow in an intuitive browser based interface. You can begin from scratch or use sample workflow and form templates that can be easily modified to meet your requirements.

ico-Centralized-Contract-RepositoryCentralized Contract Repository

Manage templates, contracts, and any other documents in a centralized secure repository. Sophisticated search capability ensures fast on-demand access to the right documents.

ico-Audit-TrailsAudit Trails that Live Forever

Tracking and reporting on every transaction and activity undertaken by any stakeholder in the system. No more need to worry about finding faxes or tracking paper trails – we maintain a permanent record with a complete audit trail for any transaction within our platform.

ico-Approval-WorkflowsApproval Workflows

Replace antiquated paper and email based approval processes by going digital. Now you can automate and manage any approval process in a centralized, compliant, collaborative and standardized environment.

ico-Workflow-TemplatesReusable Workflow Templates

Design reusable workflow templates catering to processes for your organization’s business processes. Whether it’s NDAs, matter management, approvals, or any other process, the TAP platform lets you cater to each business’ requirements.

ico-Application-IntegrationsApplication Integrations

Internal system single sign on, document repositories and ERP integrations reside in a single interface providing transparency across multiple systems via a single login.

ico-Electronic-SignaturesElectronic Signatures

TAP is automatically integrated with e-signatures to provide seamless end to end automation. Integration with top tier e-signature companies, Adobe Sign and DocuSign.

Recipes for Success.

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Self-service NDA Portal


A complete NDA portal containing all the business logic for your company.
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Matter Management


Manage matters with custom forms and visibility into tasks and statuses.
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Contract Management


Innovative contract life-cycle management.

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